Vicky Lay

CEO Coaching

I have worked with over 250 CEOs as a startup mentor and venture capitalist and have served in every role from cofounder to chairperson. There is nothing I love more than helping mission-driven entrepreneurs articulate and execute their vision.

I bring everything with me to the coaching table: business acumen, performance psychology, startup science, spiritual philosophy, and coaching best practice - always focused on results and tailored to the individual. No two people are the same, so neither is my curriculum.


“Life’s too short not to do great work.”

- Vicky Lay


Whether it's a personal or professional challenge, a confidence ceiling or revenue plateau, my goal is to help get YOU unstuck, YOUR BUSINESS thriving and YOUR GIFTS out there!

What are you waiting for? The world needs you…



Method & Approach

I walk into every coaching session with the firm belief that my client knows what's best for their business and their life. My job is not to dish out advice but to ask the right questions to help high achievers better focus their time and energy according to their highest priorities.

Clients benefit from a suite of tools and strategies developed and tested through hands-on experience while gaining a sounding board, accountability partner, and effective structure to help organize their thoughts.


A proprietary blend of business, performance and creativity coaching, customized for each individual.



  • Goal setting and project prioritization

  • Growth strategy and operational scale

  • New product development and customer discovery

  • Pitch decks, capital raising and exit roadmap

  • Conflict resolution and stakeholder management



  • Accountability and progress tracking

  • Productivity and energy optimization

  • Confidence and self mastery

  • Work-life balance

  • Structured stress management

  • Leadership effectiveness



  • Complex problem solving

  • Intuitive decision making

  • Ideation and workshop facilitation

  • Brainstorm synthesis

  • Mission and vision articulation

  • Purpose and personal branding